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Do You Need to Shift Your Marketing Strategy?

Here are some ways to make sure you are on point with your strategies in 2022.

We may already be in the swing of 2022, but there is still time to work toward your goals and hit them by the end of the year. Here are a few way that some are shifting their marketing tip.

Use your CRM

The CRM is a powerful tool that you can use to prospecting and providing valuable services for your clients. It can help your current clients see how their home is performing, and it can help you obtain a new client through drip email marketing. Do not miss out on what the CRM can do for your business.

Downtime should be used wisely

Use your downtime to work on developing your website or make updates on your social media. You can create video content or go live at an event in the area that you service. Perhaps interview some local vendors you trust on some insights on maintenance that can be done around the home. Or perhaps buy some ad space to get your name out there.

Community Engagement

It is important to make sure you are establishing real relationships within your community. Get involved and volunteer regularly. Not only will this make your name more recognizable, but it will also expand your sphere.

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