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If you're not really interested in doing the whole "solo agent" thing because you like to be a part of a community vibe, want some structure AND you don't want to deal with hiring an admin, doing payroll, creating marketing materials, creating and managing online lead generation strategies, paying out thousands a month for lead generation, creating and updating smartplans (drip campaigns), sending out postcards, creating systems, ordering inspections, checking on title, reviewing the settlement statement.... etc etc etc (you get the point)... then you're definitely going to want to read on and check out our team! 


We are a team, and more importantly we are a community! You still get all the glory on listings and buyers, because they all go under your name only. We do all the backend heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best... build relationships and sell homes. We do have SOP's (standard operation procedures) for the team structure to keep it working like a well-oiled machine but you still have flexibility within your business. 

This team structure is not just for new agents which is how traditionally, teams are set up. Our team is set up to maximize your leverage because together we can all achieve much more. We are a great choice for a new agent, or top producer who doesn't want to deal with all the hassle of non-income producing, time draining tasks plus the effort and stress of hiring and managing employees. Luxe Omni team members rally around each other and support each other. It truly is a community!

Our Mastery Monday is from 1:45 pm - 3:30 pm each week. We are having a little fun while getting a lot of work done. You'll be attending a training, participating in a mastermind, doing market research, database organization, creating social media videos, planning the week, script practice, and making calls.

Win Wednesday we are fired up and spend from 4 pm - 7 pm smiling and dialing.

Team huddle. Every Friday from 9:30 am - 10 am we hop on a quick zoom call to go over our wins for the week and ensure we are finishing out the week strong.

Our seasoned team will take care of all the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – closing deals and maximizing your productivity.

Picture a world where your schedule is streamlined, and your efforts are optimized, leading to unprecedented levels of success. With our support, your efficiency will soar, affording you the opportunity to achieve even greater heights in your career.

Join forces with us, and experience the transformative power of a team atmosphere. Embrace the freedom to concentrate on your core strengths and witness how our unwavering commitment elevates your performance beyond imagination.

We already know your next question... this sounds great, too good to be true in fact, so what's it going to cost me? I'm glad you asked. You will likely be surprised to learn that you'll be walking away at the end of the year with at least the same amount of money (ok, yes, probably much more) in your pocket if you were a solo agent PLUS you didn't have to do all non-income producing tasks which left you with more time in your day to spend it with family, relaxing, or heck, maybe even working so you can make even more dough!! Can you even put a price on happiness? So, yeah... more money and more time for you. We're not joking! As you can now see, this team structure works perfectly for a new agent but has all the benefits a top producer could ever ask for... so there's never a reason you'll ever want to even consider leaving.

Interested in joining the team and want more info? Click below to schedule a call with Christina today.

Is the Luxe Omni Team is right for you?
Do you want to enjoy zero risk and zero dollars spent on advertising and marketing

Do you want to have more time to spend with family, do more deals, or j
ust relax?

Do want to feel surrounded by a community of amazing people all striving to become their best self?

If you answered yes, we invite you to unlock unparalleled opportunities, forgo risk, liberate your finances, and reclaim your precious time, all while thriving amidst a passionate, driven community of individuals dedicated to your success.

Embrace this empowering journey and elevate yourself to unprecedented levels of achievement.

Take the leap today. Embark on a path of boundless growth and triumph.

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