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Work anywhere you are, with ease.

The Portal

The center of Luxe Omni services, the portal is our collection of resources including our schedule of live training, access to past recorded training, how-to's, online programs and more. We have made it easy to get to everything you need all from one central location.

Back End Paperwork Services

eXp provides all contract and related forms needed for both residential and commercial buyers and sellers. All files are all reviewed by eXp staff for compliance and the agent is notified quickly of any outstanding paperwork or issues. Once a transaction closes, the file is processed within 24 hours and payments are issued via ACH. All agents have access to their full sales history and revenue tracking which can be accessed online anytime, and they take care of issuing agent tax forms at the end of the year. For brokers, there is no need to worry about paperwork, paying agents or tax forms. It's all taken care of for you!

Work From Anywhere

With today's technology, you're no longer tied down to working at an office. Your office can be anywhere you are. Whether that's at your favorite local coffee shop, in your home office, or snuggled up on your couch with your favorite pet. The choice is yours! eXp is totally virtual, there are no desk fees and no need to go into an office at all. We recognize that some people prefer to work from a traditional office so you are welcome to use the Luxe Omni location, or open your own. You can also use any of the 1,200 Regis office locations at no charge!

Website + CRM

We offer Chime for your agent website and CRM for team members. This is a very robust program with a ton of add ons for all the bells and whistles. We truly believe this is the best solution currently on the market and it is offered to our agents at no additional cost. If you are part of eXp or Luxe Omni extended family you'll have free access to KVCore.

Canva Marketing Center

We have Canva set up as a full marketing center for our agents to take full advantage of the easy design options. No design experience is necessary to access the social media, presentations and other designs we have in our ever growing library in Canva. This is an amazing program whether you've been designing for years or have zero experience. Done for you templates can be used as is or modified to your individual branding and tastes. In addition we also have a marketing department who can assist you as needed for additional items you may need. This is included at no additional cost to Luxe Omni team members. If you are a part of our extended family you'll be able to grab your own pro account with our marketing content for less than a professional Canva account!

Luxe Swag Shop

Pick up some Luxe Omni eXp branded merch at our online store. We have everything you need to make sure wherever you go, people know you're one of the best, a Luxe agent! Pick up all your goodies here!

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