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Please complete all information entirely as soon as possible so we can get you onboarded smoothly! This is for anyone who is using the Luxe Omni brand including team members, extended family or expansion team leaders.

1. Review our Luxe Omni/eXp info to determine which structure is best for you.

(Structures Start on page 9)

There are 4 choices when you join us at eXp: Luxe Omni Team, Luxe Omni Extended Family, Luxe Omni Expansion Team or eXp only.

2. Create your portal account at Luxe Omni.

Only if you will be using a Luxe Omni structure. Note: The email you use will be your permanent login. 

3. Apply with eXp, Sign ICA and Create Account.

In order to be a part of Luxe Omni at no additional cost, participate in Omni X masterminds and free trainings and many other benefits we offer in addition to eXp you MUST be in the downline of Christina Gentry. Since this can never be changed, if you have questions, please feel free to inquire about your sponsor choice before filling out your eXp application. 

What Comes Next...

After eXp has approved your application you may start on the following steps.

You can check the status of your application here using the confirmation number in the email from eXp.

4. Begin your license transfer and notify your current broker.

***If you are a new agent and need to sit for your exam, you'll receive instructions from eXp to login to the state and start your application to take your exam. eXp will complete the required documents after the application to join is approved.***

This process varies depending on your state, and you will receive an email from your state broker team within 24-48 hours with instructions specific to your location. However, if you are located in NY, TN, or DE, you will need to speak with the broker team to continue with License Activation/Transfer as required by state regulations.

You'll need to notify your current broker in writing, but it's important to know that they may shut down systems right away, so you'll want to time this notification with eXp on when they will complete the transfer.

PS.... Make sure your Dotloop account is set to your desired email address before you start this so when you switch you won't lose any contacts!

To ensure a smooth process, it's important to reach out to the Broker Teams proactively. If you haven't received notification that your license has been transferred and haven't heard from the Broker Team within 24 business hours, you can contact them at (2LetterStateAbbreviation) or through eXp World by going to Menu -> Broker State Room -> State. Please be sure to CC our team so we are aware of the status. Use the email

5. Complete the Luxe Omni onboarding form.

Be sure to keep an eye on your email for correspondence.

You'll notify us of your intended transfer date on this form.


6. Sign our Extended Family or Team Agreement.

You'll sign an agreement with eXp as well as Luxe Omni.

7. Get access to Luxe Omni and Omni X tools.

You'll then receive access to our onboarding program, checklist and more.

Luxe Omni Agents... 

Believe in integrity first and putting clients above commissions.
We believe when those are held as your priority,
everything else falls into place.

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