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Why Developing a System is Essential

A system is a method you use to accomplish a task. They’re well-planned, bite-sized goals used to accomplish THE goal. 

If you’re not sure how to create a system, you can start by writing down tasks that you need to accomplish for every day of the week. If you decide on Monday that your goal is to talk to 5 people by 11am, then you need to write down how many calls you’ll place to make that happen. Maybe it’s 20 or 30, but it needs to be a hard number. If you get 10 ‘no’s’ in a row, keep going.

This is the system you have in place for yourself for the purpose of taking action, so keep working it. If it results in 2 conversations, that’s 2 conversations you didn’t have before you started, but you have to be consistent.

Schedule time to spend in your CRM. If you don’t know the features inside and out, then you are not utilizing your CRM to its full potential and to your advantage. Is there a feature you’ve never explored? Then explore it! Make your CRM work for you. The ‘Training Library’ has online training events that includes a high level class on awesome features in Chime!

As you continue developing your system, include a coaching call. Scheduling coaching calls on a regular basis should be a part of your system for your personal growth and the growth of your business. This could include strategies on overcoming shortcomings, building client relationships, or how you can offer the highest level of customer service. Perfect your craft.`

Stay engaged with your online community. Luxe Omni offers tons of free content. You can find marketing materials for your website and social media in Canva. Schedule time to personalize the materials and post them online at least once a we

ek. Continue to keep your social media relevant and up-to-date. You can also make all of your posts at one time and then schedule them through an app like Back at You, or directly through your social media apps. Don’t leave your followers wondering if you’re still in the game by letting too much time pass between posts.

Now that you have a start on how to develop a system, you can use the free template to print out and set your own goals for the day. Stay consistent and you WILL see results.

Challenge: Go on YouTube and type in ‘how to make an Instagram Reel for beginners’ and see what pops up. If you already know how to make a reel, maybe you can google ‘what is the best time of day to post a reel?’ The point is, you are learning new ways to connect with people and grow your business. Schedule an hour out of your day to learn about social media.

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