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Understanding Push and Pull Marketing

A real estate agent needs to know the difference between push and pull marketing. While each have their place in your marketing efforts, it’s important to know when to use each.

Have you ever noticed that if you search for an item you get a lot of sponsor ads showing up or a number of emails with the subject line about the item that you searched. This is known as push marketing. You are trying to push a product onto your potential buyers. This can come off as aggressive. But sometimes it is necessary to get your information out.

Push marketing would be like sending out mailers to farm an area or paying for an ad campaign. These are all good examples of getting your information out to your potential leads. Eventually it will die off and your next steps would be to either spend more money to send out more mailers or continuing your ad. Pushing creates a short-term solution.

Pull marketing is more informative. It is known as permission-based marketing. It’s using online tactics to get your presence known by targeting people that are already looking for the information you’re providing. Some examples of pull marketing would be content marketing, webbed, clogs, and social media. By creating a strong brand presence and letting potential clients come to you as the expert.

A pull marketing strategy does not happen over night, and this can cause many agents to automatically go with a push marketing strategy. This is fine, but it needs to be a short term solution. The goal should be to create a pull for the information and therefore a need for your specialty.

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