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Top Lead Generation Sources for Success

Using conversation to reach your real estate goals.

Finding leads might be intimidating for some. They would rather have someone, anyone, supply them with leads. But what happens when that supply is no longer there? Here at Luxe Omni, we prefer to teach our agents how to generate their own leads for them to be successful.

Lead generation is very important since a Realtor® needs a constant stream of new clients. Important reasons to have lead generation are building relationships, increasing profits, and growing your business.

A few sources that you might use to get leads:

  • Database - The best part of having access to a database is that you already have access to a huge referral base. You can email those within the database explaining that you’re accepting new clients. This is an important part of relationship building.

  • Geographic Farming - This is a good way to get some leads if you’ve seen an area that is selling well. It is a large investment to send out direct mailers, but if you target the area enough, you will be the first person they think about if they decide to place their home for sale. Geographic farming is about so much more than just mailing postcards. It's a large money and time investment that when done right is totally worth the effort.

  • Agent-to-Agent referrals - Having reliable partnerships with agents in other area codes is an excellent strategy. Not only will you get to work with leads they hand off who are moving to your area, you'll also know your clients are in good hands when they are relocating and you know the agent in the area they are moving to.

  • Websites and apps - Going digital is one of the top ways to attract new leads. Be sure your website is fully optimized before investing money in online marketing or the money you are spending will most likely do you no good. Having a website with helpful resources as well as of course the MLS listings will help keep clients interested once they arrive at your site. There are of course a million different ways to advertise online and they all work. Some just work better than others. Avoid shiny objects! Have a strategy in place and before you unleash your credit card number to all the lead gen companies constantly seeking your attention do your research.

  • Seller-Specific Online Marketing - Having an interactive website as well as posting social media ads and listings to get people to think about selling their home is valuable. Free downloads are also a great way to start the interaction. It requires some hard work upfront but can guide leads to you once you get it set up.

  • Sign Calls - Somehow yes, signs still work. Don't skip the sign. Many serious buyers stalk the neighborhoods they are most interested in.

  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) - These are the fastest source of business opportunities. Most people that take on selling their own home eventually look to hire someone down the road. If you see a FSBO sign, take the time to reach out and introduce yourself and explain how you might be able to help them sell their home faster and for more money. Don't be afraid to go up and knock on the door.

  • Builders - Work with these people to get new leads as they may need someone to help sell their properties in the future. Build a relationship with them and let them see how you can help them.

  • Professional Networking - industry professionals have a lot of valuable information that they are able to provide. Meet with them and talk. They can provide you with information on what is going on within the area and also provide tips on how to create more leads to grow your business.

These tips are very helpful in cultivating leads that can turn into potential clients. Never stop developing relationships. Real estate is a relationship business. There are a million places to find people to talk to, you just have to decide which you like the best.

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