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The Importance of Video Content & Using Social Media as Another Source of Income

Video content has been part of our lives since forever, but it has definitely evolved to a whole another level with the evolution of social media.

Video content has been part of our lives since forever, but it has definitely evolved to a whole another level with the evolution of social media. Making content is now part of our daily lives and it’s supposed to be include it as part of our daily routine. Businesses are now widely craving digital content for the success of their marketing goals as well as the revenues that video content can bring. There are different sources of income in digital marketing and by creating video content, you are definitely getting more exposure to your business which means potential additional income.

When you think about having social media income is all about creating an actionable and strategically plan for you to convert income from different sources. There are different methods for you to gather income on social media. Some of them are affiliate links, Amazon Store Front, and Instagram and/or TikTok creator fund. The big picture of social media is for us to stay connected no matter what. There is a specific social media site for every taste or preference. Demographics tell you a lot and guide you on which social media site you should invest more time. If you know your demographic or audience niche, then all your efforts must be in that specific audience and what they love to see/learn from you.

It’s always a great idea to obtain social media accounts on every popular social platform. Please remember that when creating the video content you should always create them in a vertical format. The size for vertical videos aspect ratio has to be 9:16, so these can be used on Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Reels, and Youtube Shorts.

When it comes to creating Youtube video content, creators are expected to create their videos based on search results and not about what is currently trending like the other platforms mentioned above. This is because in Youtube you still have the option to create the horizontal videos and you can compliment these with a summary Youtube Short (vertical video). It’s also a great idea to always cross-promote your videos on all social platforms that you have presence. This because you always want to share with you current audience and possible audience your content because some audience may have more preference on a platform over another.

Don’t know what topics to create video content on? No worries! Here are a couple of topics for you to start making those videos and increasing the views on your socials!

  • How/why buy a fixer upper in the Dayton area

  • How to sell a million dollars home in the Dayton area

  • Why living in Dayton is family friendly

  • Pros and no cons of living in Dayton

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