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Steps For a Powerful Listing Presentation

You want to make sure that you are bringing your best to your client presentations. Here are some tips for being a victor at winning listings.

Your presentation is more important than ever when it comes to the market today. It is great to make sure your presentation stands out and is a good representation of you. You are showing your professionalism and business just as much as you are presenting how you would sell someone’s home. So bring your confidence and let these tips help you.

The home is important, but so are you

The first thing you want to do is present yourself as an expert. Introduce yourself and share your background on your career and what gets you excited about real estate. It is good to do this first so that your potential client feels your excitement and gets excited about you. Then use what you excel at and tie that into your presentation and make yourself the expert

Use your brokerage

Emphasize the brokerage that you work for and how that will help you in representing their home. Share some of the technology used and how it has a network that can help with he sale of the client’s home. Explain that the brokerage is a unified team and will work together to make sure that the client receives the best possible experience.

Make connections

You are making a connection with your potential client. Let them know some of the things that you are passionate about and what you do in your free time. You want to make sure that your clients know that you re a partner and that you are building a relationship with them through this process.

Have some current market numbers

The number one question that sellers have is how much they can get them for their property, so make sure that you have these ready. It is important to go through the client’s property as well to get them a starting competitive market analysis.

Don’t tell everything all at once

You want to make sure that your potential clients have some details of their future sale, but there is no need to overwhelm them with all the details right away. What they really need to know if that you will be there for every step and that you have their best interest at heart.

Make yourself memorable

Have something that you can give so that you stay top-of-mind. It doesn’t have a lot, but a printed out presentation in a nice folder with information that is helpful. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and add some cookies from a local shop.

The biggest take away from this is to have confidence. The more you believe in yourself, then other will also believe in you.

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