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Selling Strategies That Challenge the Conventional

Although some of the traditional strategies do have some benefit, there is some benefit in changing things up a bit in today’s market.

For your clients to meet their goals, it might be time to switch how things are normally done. Even though a lot of agents will tell their clients that getting a buyer is easy, sometimes it is not. Below are some different strategies to consider using.

Create a window of time for buyers to submit an offer. This way you are giving buyers an opportunity to see the property and submit an offer. If you’re too quick to select a buyer, you might be missing out on a potentially better offer later. This also helps to eliminate a possible discrimination complaint.

Perhaps see what buyers are looking for before showing home. This way you have a full understanding of what their needs are and you can show them a list of homes that fulfill more of their needs and wants. This also saves buyers time in their searches. Plus, if you meet with them you can discuss finances and make sure everyone is on the same page, and there is less hesitation when the right property comes along.

Don’t take the cheap way out when it comes to marketing. Always invest in marketing. Even though homes are selling quickly, you should still invest in high quality professional marketing. Keep this as a portfolio so that you show your future clients that you can give them a better experience than what they could do on their own.

Make sure to stand up for you and your client, even if it’s in a different way. Most people have the thought that you don’t question the agent that has the most experience, but this may not be the case. You should have to feel like you need to apologize if you are wanting to do things a different. It is especially important to hold your ground if it is regarding code of ethics or fair housing laws. If something does not feel right, make sure you ask questions and find the best solution for your clients.

Real estate has been changing a lot recently, and sometimes the status quo is not the best way anymore.

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