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Reaching Your Goals in Real Estate

Everyone has different goals, but if you don't have any at all it's hard to say where you'll end up.

Goals, goals, goals. You're probably tired of hearing about it. In fact, if everyone could just stop saying that word it would be great, right? You may not want to hear this but you need to know what is driving you. Are you wanting more time with your family? Or are you wanting to get out of debt? The most important thing is that this goal needs to be something you actually want to achieve. Writing things on a piece of paper because you think you should be doing X or someone told you that's a good goal is not going to help you. It's important that they are real goals because when things get difficult, it won't matter because no matter what you will work through any difficult times to achieve them.

Another important topic related to goals is really your mindset. Whatever you are focusing on, you get more of. So if you're focusing on the negative, you'll get more of that. If you're focusing on a new car you are dreaming about, you'll start seeing them everywhere. Let's use this to our advantage and be sure to focus on the positive, the good stuff. Then you're going to get more of it.

Taking that a step further, if you focus on making phone calls, that's what you'll do. Focusing on talks? That's fine too, you'll set a number and call until you make it to that figure. What if you instead focused on meaningful conversations face to face? If your goal for instance was to have 2 meaningful face-to-face conversations each day with 2 strangers do you see how that is much more powerful than calling 20 leads? Give it a try and see how it goes. I think you'll be surprised at the traction you gain by this simple mindset shift.

Did you know that there is an average for the number of closings you'll have based on the number of people you talk to? A good rule of thumb is that for every 50 people you speak to about your business, you’re closing one of them. The goal of having these conversations is to book appointments with potential clients which leads to closings, which leads to you feeding yourself/your family.

To get an idea of the number of people you need to have conversations with a day is calculated by

(X) transactions x 50 conversations = (Y) conversations between now and the end of the year

(Y) / number of months = (Z)

(Z) / number of days you work per month = (A) conversation you need to have each day

These number of conversations will help you reach your goal of the number of transactions you need to close.

You should split up that number by conversations with people you know (past clients and your sphere of influence), people you don’t know (new leads), and lead follow-ups (leads that you’ve connected to before in the past but have not don’t business with).

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