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Marketing Basics Every Agent Needs

To be successful, agents need to make sure that they master the basics of marketing.

Be Authentic

Make sure that your message matches how the public perceives you. This is important to show that you are not just trying to sell them something. It is essential for your business that you create meaningful interactions with your clients and that they also want to refer you and give recommendations. Your clients need to be able to trust you with one of their biggest purchases.

Create Differentiators

What makes you different? Why should a client choose you over someone else. Logos and catch phrases can help get you in the door, but it will be what sets you apart, that will be what can get a new client to work with you. Make sure that you market these differences. Maybe you specialize in out-of-state moves; or you know a lot about community events. These are things that can give you an advantage

Be Accountable to Yourself

It is important to find a way to measure how your marketing is doing. Having measurable results can help you decide if your efforts are working. Then you need to hold yourself accountable at this point. Have some real conversations internally on if your marketing strategies are working, are they creating a better return? Can I do something different if they are not?

Agents need to always be evaluating their business and finding new ways to differentiate themselves. As long as you are always evaluating and growing, you have a better chance at being successful!

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