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Insights on How To Get More Business Reviews

Your business reviews are a digital marketing strategy you don't want to miss out on. This is a perfect opportunity to gain prospective clients as well as share your business ethic and emotional connection with them. Thus, growing your client base means potentially growing your business. In this blog post, we share with you some easy and convenient tips on how you can earn more reviews!

Easy Access for Reviews:

The first thing you'll want to do is to make it easy and accessible for people to review you! You'll need to have a social media page such as Facebook for people to leave reviews on your Business Facebook Page. The reviews are easy to monitor over there. If you download the Business Meta app on your phone, the access turns user friendly on-the-go!

We also suggest that if you are not that much into social media (which can become an issue in long term for your digital marketing strategy), you can obtain a Google Business type of review system. You can monitor these Google Business reviews by downloading Google My Business app on your phone.

Before and After Closing Methods:

Let's get on how we can get these 5 star reviews!

As you may know, agent-client relationship should always be professional yet sweet, so that clients are happily willing to leave reviews about your business. There are twi ways to ask for clients reviews. The before and after closing methods.

The before closing method is a little more effective as you are still in contact and seeing the client face to face. Set the expectation early. Make it part of your process. Don't wait until the end. Therefore, you can friendly remind the client to leave a review before closing and before they start decorating their new home.

The after closing method can be obtained by sending an email in which you request the client to write a review with any pertinent links. Remind them that copying and pasting their review to multiple sites is okay and always welcome.

It's All About Customer Service!

Don't neglect the occasional bad review. Make sure to resolve the issue and ask for an edit if they were happy. If you cannot resolve the issue, state your case with a simple and unemotional response. Let your community know you're highly rated. Use this to show others that you can help them. You can use social media channels such as Instagram to create Instagram Stories about how happy you are when you receive 5 stars reviews and to also portray yourself as a favorite agent within your community!

Be Kind to Yourself and to Other Agents:

Don't get disappointed if you are not getting reviews right away. It's a difficult, yet important marketing task for your business health. Give reviews to others. If you worked with another good agent, leave them a review. Remember, what goes around comes around.

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