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How to Have a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be a very effective way to turn leads into clients.

Email marketing can be a very effective way to turn leads into clients. But as successful as email can be, it is also very challenging as there is so much information being emailed to people daily. If your email is not attention-grabbing, it will likely be deleted. People have become extremely discerning about who receives their attention.

To make your emails relevant to your leads, you need to be able to give them information that will help solve their problem. You need to become needed. You want to be their go-to person when they’re ready to purchase their new home.

A drip email campaign is a good way to reach leads and prospects and provide them with valuable information over a period of time. These emails read steady and consistent and can help potential buyers and sellers make better-informed decisions in their journey to buy or sell a home.

It is important to stress that these emails should not come across as generic. They need to be thought out and offer something of value.

Automated ≠ Generic

Some ideas for your drip campaign:

Buyer Leads

  • Relevant real estate listings in the area

  • Housing market updates

  • Community sphere emails

  • Resource lists

Seller Leads

  • Real estate comps and other key stats

  • A blog digest

  • Case studies and testimonials

  • Home sewer resources

Past Clients & Non-responsive Leads

  • Blog posts about the market

  • Homeowner resources

To have a better campaign you need to get to know your prospects. Your earliest content should be about getting to know them. Then, for every reply, you can trigger a new or more targeted campaign based on what they provide from the engagement.

You should show up consistently. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least monthly contact. This will help keep you at the top of their mind without being overwhelming.

You should also keep your emails short and come up with compelling questions. Use an attention-grabbing subject line. Pique the reader’s curiosity. Draw them in by offering them something interesting, valuable, or entertaining. Mix up subject lengths. Keep it informal to get more open rates. It makes them feel like they’re coming from a friend.

And finally, always include a call to action. Let your readers know what you want them to do.

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