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How to do Direct Mail the Right Way

Direct mailing is coming back in a big. Why is this and how is the best way to utilize this marketing strategy.

Ever since the pandemic, people have become more likely to check their mailboxes and open their mail. Due to this, most retailers have started to distribute physical, direct mail catalogs compared to years prior.

According to David Collins, President of REAL Making, reports of direct mail's death were based on the misunderstanding of marketing statistics associated with real estate.

Due to the internet, there has been a loss of the “neighborhood expert” when it comes to Realtors®. About 78% of homeowners say that they would work with an expert if there was one. Direct mail marketing tends to reinvent the agent into the hometown expert. Plus, direct mailers often by-pass online marketing since it is in their hands.

Picking the right neighborhood

It is important to pick a neighborhood that does not have a dominating agent. This makes it easier for you to position yourself as the main agent.

You need to be consistent

It takes 8.4 contacts within 30 days for someone to remember your name. Start strong and remain consistent

ROI is higher for variable data

Make sure that you put a first and last name on your direct mailer to get a higher response rate.

Go for quality

You want your mailers to be professional. Make sure there are no typos and that the layout is impactful.

3 E’s of direct mail marketing

Entertainment - this can be anything from local events, tips, or just simply a recipe. The idea is that this will remain in the home for some time. You can even consider a recipe on a magnet.

Education - Education can be market stats, mortgage information, and other professional content. This information is important to clients in the area who can use it.

Endearment - A lot of people don’t think to use this type of marketing, but it is useful! Partnering with a local charity shows that you are a part of the community. Plus, it gives you a face-to-face opportunity to talk to people within your farming area. You can also commit to sponsoring a youth sports team. It helps people see you are more than just a Realtor®.

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