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Copywriting Tips to Make Your Listing Stand Out

You want your listing description to stand out! Here are some tips to do just that.

You want your property descriptions to stand out as much as the beautiful photography. It is important to make sure you keep your copywriting skills up to date. Here are some tips to make impactful copy.

An impactful real estate copywriter should be descriptive, experiential, and aspirational.


Use descriptive words, but try not to repeat too many. There is a delicate balance between in how much detail to give. You want to draw your potential buyer in with the highlights of the property. Talk about the relaxing spa-like master suite, or the number of garage spaces for car enthusiasts if there is a lot of garage space.


You want your words to transport the buyer to a space, so that they can see themselves in that space. Describe how the buyer would feel in a particular room. For example, enjoying the tranquilly of your wooded backyard. You want to provide the buyer with a reason to want to come see your listing, so make sure to add more than just the square footage and number of bedrooms.


Property descriptions can help convey the message that anything is possible. Include phrases that remind potential buyers that they are buying more than just property. But it is important to steer away from cliché phrases that become uninspired.

Descriptions are valuable in making sure you point out what sets this property apart from others that are similar. High end appliances or smart home features are good examples that might make a property outshine another.

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