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Can You Use TikTok to Build Your Real Estate

TikTok is huge right now, and using it for real estate is an effective way to reach new and existing clients

Social media is a very effective way to generate real estate business. This is typically a free form of marketing that you can reach a lot of people easily. There are a lot of ways to use these platforms. TikTok is a newer platform that focuses on short videos. It has recently taken off and it currently the third largest social network behind Facebook and Instagram. Here are some tips that you can use to help promote your business using this platform.

Agent should try to stick with three different content categories. These are education-based, shock-based, and entertainment-based. Agents need to know what type of category they are producing. It is not necessary to do only real estate postings. It is ok to sprinkle in some personal items. The idea is that you want to me someone they see, so that when they do think about a need for real estate, you’re the one that comes to mind.

Try to post more about the basics to your audience. A lot of content producers assume that people know the basics, so they try to get more into experienced information. There are a lot of people that are looking for the basics, so when they search for it, your posts will be the ones that they are going to see and you will be seen as the knowledge base. Consider doing a frequently asked questions from clients in 15-30 second TikTok.

Show some local areas and specialty shops. These businesses are likely to share your content and help you gain more views with a larger audience. Plus, it makes you an expert in the area and makes you more credible.

Make sure to produce content that is valuable, but don’t worry if it is perfect. The video can be the one that lands you a lead or a listing. Although you don’t need to worry about perfection, you don’t want to just throw out content just to have lots of posts. The content needs to provide benefit for viewers.

Content needs to be posted regularly for the user remains relevant. You are able to schedule information out, and it can be easy to shoot a batch of FAQs that you can schedule out periodically. This way you always have content produced and ready to go.

Keep a positive mindset when creating your content. There will be people that will make negative comments, but that’s ok. This is your way to get more comfortable on camera and you are providing knowledge for your potential clients.

Edit and add graphics to your video within the app, as TikTok’s algorithms tend to promote these users more. Only use outside editing programs if the video is complex.

When you send out your regular mailers, consider using a QR code that can link to your social media platforms or your personal website. QR codes are an easy call to action that can take them to your TikTok.

Finally, you can screen record to save your TikTok vides so that you can repurpose them onto other

platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook reels. This way you can get the most out of your videos and reach more potential people.

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