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5 Tips to Beat Q3 Fatigue and Keep the Ball Rolling

We've all been there, making great strides towards our goals, and then all of a sudden its like we run out of gas and nothing can get us going again.

Tip No.1 : Go on a Cleanse

Take time off from anything that changes your state of mind (news, sugar, social media, etc.) and replace those with less stimulating ones like meditation, prayer, and creative activities. You need to heal from the inside and this can be a process. Try to schedule a few days to go easy on yourself.

Tip No. 2: Check your Game Plan

Take a step back - ideally, get away from it all and really devote time and space to "audit your life and business"

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What worked?

  • What didn't?

  • What did I neglect that I should't have?

  • What new resources do I need?

  • What new people do I need?

  • What new routines can I commit to?

Exhaustion Often comes from running the wrong plays. Get your playbook back on track and your mind and body will follow.

Tip No. 3: Reset Your Environment

Shake things up and give yourself a fresh start. Star to donate all the clothes that you don't wear to make room for new space. Buy new art or paint your walls. All of this can spark joy in your living or working space.

Resetting your space can be a great way of reinforcing your habits. If you want to do yoga in the mornings, make a dedicated yoga area and layout the mat the night before. If you want to read before bed, keep a clear nightstand and always have a book resting there. A really powerful one is to buy threw house plants . Name each one after your top 3 goals you are trying to achieve. Care for those plants like they are your goals. water them, trim them and make sure they get sun. As they grow you may see yourself growing closer to your goals as well.

Tip No. 4: Remind yourself of who you are.

Real estate is no walk in the park, so why did you get into it? Because you are a warrior!A rockstar that can handle whatever the world throws at you. Not a lot of people can do what you do and you need to remind yourself and other people of that.

Tip No. 5: Schedule Some Time Off

Business is an endless race. There is always a new mountain to climb, problems to solve. But despite this you can always give yourself a temporary finish line to push towards. Schedule a couple vacations throughout the year ahead o time with your spouse, kids, or the person you are dating. When you have something to look forward to, it's amazing the energy hat can flow from it.

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