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5 Easy Videos to Make to Increase Your Marketing

Here are 5 simple videos that are easy to make and will help explain your marketing efforts.

The more videos you do, the easier making videos will be. Here are a few easy to make videos to get you started.

Introduction Video

This is a video every agent should have. It only needs to be 10-30 seconds long and should essentially be your elevator pitch. Just who you are and your value proposition.

Lead Follow-up

A lead follow-up video can be a simple message that you can attach to your CRM letting your leads know that you are checking in and reminding them that you are there to help if needed.

Next steps

Sometimes the message can be lost in a detailed message. It is better to record a quick 1-2 minute video that you can send to your clients as they go through their home buying/selling process.


While it is great to have a video of your clients telling their testimonials, sometimes it is just not possible. Another option is to read their written testimonial and add in a little history on how you connected. This is a great way for future clients to see how you might be able to help them too.

Pre- and post-transaction processes

This is a good way to continue to build your relationship with your clients. This can be pre-transactional, including tips to help build your credit or staging tips to highlight your home the best way possible. You can also have post-transactional videos, such as, reminding a past client of their home-versary or little reminders to change their air filters. These are great ways to stay in touch with clients.

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