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20 of the Best Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents

20 Ideas to get you through posting every day of the month with engagement & ease.
Everyone knows that social media marketing is where it is at.

1. Video! Video! Video!

Video is one of the most engaging and effective types of posts that you can create. In the Real Estate field or any other. Live videos generate more audience engagement than any others! Live stream a walk-through of the house or promote your next open house event.

2. Jump on the BandWagon

Pay attention to what everyone else is doing! If it’s the Holidays, then jump on the Holiday band wagon. Halloween right around the corner? Or maybe it’s national pet Day? New Epic movie just got released? Post about it? Maybe even giveaway a couple of free tickets to those that comment on and like your post. A fun and cheap way to gather more fans and increase engagement on your page.

3. Shameless Self Promotion

Brag on yourself a bit! Score a new listing? Brag on it! New 5-star review from a happy client? Thank them in public for the kind words with a screenshot of the review. Get mentioned in the local newspaper or chamber of commerce? Let the people know!

4. Share the Love

There’s a reason most of the news stations wrap up their news broadcasts with a feel-good story. Everyone loves a good success story. From satisfied clients with successful homeownership stories to warm and fuzzy, feel-good stories highlighting others in the community and world who are successful and doing good. Everyone loves to hear about a heart-warming moment and reading or seeing something that restores a bit of their faith in humanity.

5. Share Yourself.

Once a month it’s a good idea to take the time to promote your other social media accounts on various platforms. For example, make a post on your instagram account inviting people to follow you on your Facebook Account. And Invite people on your Facebook account to follow your Instagram Account. It is also a good idea to invite people to join your website or emailing list. This is always a great backup just in case something was to ever happen to the social media platform that they follow you on.

6. Polls & Quizzes

Use polls and quizzes and question-based posts to generate engagement from your fans and followers. Have 2 new houses on the market? Post a photo of both in the same post with the #ThisOrThat. This can be a great way to not only up engagement, but to also conduct your own, free, market research.

7. Give them value added information

Share home improvement tips, home buying and selling articles, even delicious recipes. Free Resources is another fantastic post, such as links to how to buy a house with bad credit, or best home improvements to make to maximize your ROI.

8. Post Listings, New Ones & Old Ones

Be sure to include a post about your listings from time to time. Show off new listings that come to the market. Use the opportunity to highlight fantastic and unique features about older listings to help generate new interest.

9. Post Updates

Share fun & important news & updates about your realty business, office or company. Snow day and no one is in the office today? Your local office made the news with local charity involvement? Introduce new members and spotlight amazing realtors and lenders.

10. Highlight the Local Attractions

Community features, Restaurants, Cafes, Shops, Parks & Natural Areas, Hikes, Etc. Local Businesses, clubs, and organizations

11. Save the Date

Announce client events, local business happenings, and local events, festivals & farmers markets. This shows community involvement and gives your followers a finger on the pulse of the fun local things to do.

12. Like a Good Neighbor

Show off involvement with the community and community events! Local Chamber of commerce meetings, Fun Runs, town chili cook-off, post Halloween pumpkin smash.

13. Local History & Historic Appeal

Everyone loves learning about the history of where they live. Learn some fun facts and find some amazing old photos to share to go along with your newfound local history. Keep history alive and your fans engaged!

14. Market Stats

Post about current market trends that may potentially impact your buyers and sellers. Use the post to show your expertise and your buyers and sellers with valuable information.

15. Sold Listings and Happy New Homeowners

Share photos and videos of recently sold listings and accommodating new homeowners. Don’t be afraid to ask for a video testimonial from your new homeowners. These can be very powerful.

16. Open House Information

This speaks for itself. Share all the pertinent event information, time, and location. Create an event listing on Facebook and be sure to invite your followers. Post in the event regularly leading up to and after the date. Be sure to create a post and thank everyone for attending and follow up with all attendees one on one as well.

17. Before and After Photos

These posts are always popular. Fun for homes that are being staged or remodeled. Take time to take before and after photos of each room and the exterior as well if you do that. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing good makeover results!

18. Ask Questions

Question Posts are great for engagement, feedback, and insight. Questions should be easy. Things like what are your favorite parks in town? Best places to walk your dog? Favorite Restaurant to Eat At? You can make things more engaging by inviting followers to comment with a gif and be sure you respond with one too.

19. Fun Facts

Share fun facts about homes, their neighborhoods & the surrounding community history.

20. FAQs

Q and A time. Answer commonly asked questions and extend help to those who may need it individually. Pro-tip: Have a Calendly or other scheduling link ready to send to make booking a breeze.

Post often and pay attention to the engagement level and the results. The more you post the more you will have to analyze, and you will start to see patterns and insights into what type of content and posts your followers enjoy and engage with the most. As you start to see these patterns emerge you can then pivot your posting strategy accordingly to post more engaging content and steer clear of posting the less engaging content.

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